Back on Target

Ok, so thanks to a couple of the boys for calling me out on my attitude problem. I assure you I was serious about refraining from soliciting tech advice, but my motives were to keep the comments pure of techno-garble unless it’s about bikes, circus equipment, brewing techniques, or dart trajectories.

I dealt with the situation as I deal with many situations- I curse it, take a nap, and hope the world looks different when I wake up-and it does work.

S’quatch’s feelings were hurt when I failed to praise his Trek Pilot, so here goes… “Hey S’quatch, I think your road bike looks like a rifle. I hope it makes you faster- on the moutain bike, answering jeopardy questions, whatever-just faster. Oh, and happier”. How was that? Amen.

Hopefully I can get things kicked off proper tomorrow morning.

Juancho 2.0 the reboot

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