Global Local

I wanted to make a song about where I’m from You know?

Big up my home town, my territory, my state

But, I couldn’t figure out much to brag about- Prince lives here, we got 10,000 lakes.

But wait, the women are beautiful, to me they are

And we’re not infested with pretentious movie stars, And it hit me,

Minnesota is dope, If only simply for not what we have, but what we don’t.

lyrics from Ssh! Written by Atmosphere. Minnesota rapper. That’s right. Minnesota rapper.

This whole conversation on place and purpose interests me to no end. If you will notice the shape of the world we live in, there is no top, bottom, high or low point other than the arbitrary way in which we choose to desribe it. It’s a ball. All points are equal.

Does the globetrotting trust funder have a deeper understanding of the world than the bosnian village woman who has never gone over the mountain? Absolutely not.

You grow where you’re planted, and sometimes those roots go deep in one spot and other times they spread like spanish moss crawling through the trees.

Detroit? Queens? Twin cities? Tallahassee? All trees full of ripe fruit waiting to be plucked and eaten. If you’ve had your fill, move to a different tree, otherwise enjoy your feast.

-Juancho- sated at the table.

5 Responses to Global Local

  1. That’s right so you go out there and enjoy…whatever you have found to enjoy up there.

    Btw, town is beginning to receive a wave of refugges from the storm, on FSU-Miami game weekend. Should be pretty exciting around here.