Birth Announcement

Congratulations to “Anonymous” on the birth of his new Salsa Santos FS ride. He debuted it to me yesterday afternoon down at Munson Hills. It seems to have slowed him up a little bit so I consider this a wonderful improvement.

On other fronts- I hear someone is planning to convince me to bail at the lunch break at San Felasco (30 mile mark). I want that person to know we look upon such actions favorably here at the Big Ring Circus and they should probably go ahead and bring the proper refreshments as we will have a 2 hour wait for the rest of our parties. (Some sort of Schnapps and a hot soup entree?)

The Holiday season is over and I once again emerge a slower, sluggisher Juancho. I never met a camambert I didn’t like, that’s my motto. Be on the lookout for the Angry Monk over the next few weeks and beware his acrid tongue.

Fat Lad- Do not give up hope of peanut butter pretzels, just forward a mailing address and I will see what I can do for you. I know you will appreciate them more than most.

My “Veal Training Plan” is askew. I have ridden a total of 38 miles since I returned home and I am sure that the meat of my thighs is tough and stringy now as opposed to the buttery consistency I had hoped for, there is nothing to do but ride this damn eco-tour I suppose.

Oh, and my new year’s resolution? To continue rocking y’allses ever-loving world practically daily with the same hard-hitting journalism you have come to expect here at the Big Ring Circus.


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