The “New Post” button was awful rusty today after getting such a long break. That’s the way it goes when new life enters the picture. That’s right, Juancho is an uncle again, and it’s a boy. I have already begun the lobby for a knobbie tired stroller.

The blogger buttons aren’t the only thing creaky. the poor Fuji Del Rey made the long haul across the country in a box just to sit in the garage for a couple more days, and I haven’t been so spry myself.

That all came to an end today as I rolled up the coast with the Pacific Ocean off my port bow and a headwind in my face.

It was beautful. The sunshine never stops out here, it is relentless pleasantness all day long. I read about the heat wave suffocating the rest of the country and it seems odd, like I don’t remember what heat or humidity feel like. It was like reading about war in Africa. It is an awful shame, but what can one Juancho do?

Today was just a little 30 miler to Torrey Pines and back. I’ll try to ush it a little further next time.

Probably not though.


8 Responses to Untethered

  1. Wow, hot enough for life-long locals to mention it? I am scared…and definitely not coming home anytime soon.

    Thanks Ms. Moon, we’re pretty excited.

    FL- The beard is long enoughto chew on, so that’s good right? And sexy?

  2. We have ourselves a little Nicholas. Or maybe Nicklaus? Damn, i don’t even know.

    I voted for Jefferson Davis …

    didn’t go over so well.

  3. WOW! that’s amazing! and wonderful! and fantastic! Please give the sis a big hug from me! and your mom! And kiss that baby’s head a million times!! Wow. How wonderful.

    Yeah, ditto on the hot scene, enjoy the breeze my man, don’t let that beard block too much west coast breeze, got to get as much as you can. Big hug to you as well 😉