A couple of rest days and I’m ready to load up and ride all the way to Indoslavia. I walk around with legs burning and siezed up like a dry engine all the time saying, “I feel pretty good I guess, I’m loose.” When actually I am so stiff I move like C3PO, that robot from that movie.

Well today I actually do feel loose and rested. I’m one good meal away from running for mayor of Quickville.

The Eastside is inundated, so we won’t be riding there for a while. The South side continues to suck water like a Japanese man eating noodles, but we have ridden out there ninety-nine of the last hundred rides. What’s the report from the Northside system? Anybody? Don’t make me call on you, it is always better to just volunteer.

The world is definitely changing. Mystery, who is now a completely open book since his elopement to Hawaii. He came over yesterday and took a shower. That’s right. He took a shower. Nobody made him do it. Nobody asked him to do it. He just took it upon himself to clean up a bit before going off to his “therapeutic massage.”

Next thing you know S’quatch is going to call ME for a ride.


11 Responses to Rebooted

  1. Overstreet is still “closed”. I can’t tell that they’ve done anything to get it open again. I haven’t heard any chainsaws.

    I haven’t been able to check out the other side of meridian yet but I heard everything was ok at phipps. No word on redbug.

    I’m gonna walk the dog over to overstreet in an hour or so to see if they’ve done anything.

    I really want some torture loop today.

  2. I realize this is a cycling blog, but speaking for those of us who don’t ride bikes, we really like it when you apply your writing talents to broader topics in your world.

    I feel like I’m going to the gym lately when I check into the circus, and I don’t like the gym, because it’s sweaty and gross. I’m more inclined toward the lovely things.