Legendary Bromances

I am sure I will regret this post later when it inevitably turns against me, but I can’t help myself. Some things are just worth it.

During the Great Cat Rescue a not so subtle subtext underscored the drama of the weekend. It didn’t take much to notice that for Pa Ingalls and Tommy the weekend was all about trees. Trees and each other. The rest of us were entourage. What do you want for dinner Pa Ingalls? I can make whatever you want. Get in the backseat Juancho, Tommy called shotgun.

I can’t bring myself to research the etymology of the term ‘bromance’ so I am going to credit Judd Apatow and leave it at that. Don’t we get all of our modern euphemisms from that guy?

The term itself may have expired its fifteen minutes, jumped its shark or whatever, but the concept is timeless. Sometimes we ‘mance on certain bros more than others. Its all about who can keep up, who gets us best, and who is smelling what we are stepping in the most. As Pa and Tommy swung from branch to branch laughing at each other’s jokes robustly, the rest of us stood below, left out of the joke all together and shaking our heads in appreciative dismay. Those two were like movies and popcorn.

Hey, it happens. I’m happy for them.

So I’m wondering what you think are some of the other world class bromances you have been a part of or witnessed? I can think of a really obvious one from this little blog/bike community but I will let y’all have a go at it before I weigh in on the matter.


8 Responses to Legendary Bromances

  1. Lennon & McCartney.
    Bono and The Edge.
    And, of course, Jagger and Richards.

    Bands are the natural habitat of bromances.

  2. Man, I knew I was going to take a punch on this one. I suppose it could have been worse.
    I so rarely see qualities in other I admire, that when I do, I latch on like a ramora. Plus that homey can fix a bike!
    I am pretty smitten with your writing, but since you outed me I must begin planning your death….nothing personal…”BRO”!