Hothouse Flower officially "Man Pretty"

Pick up a copy of MTB Action magazine on shelves today and flip to page 86. That’s right, that is no poseur model boy being held up by wires and rope. That is the BigRingCircus sponsored rider Todd Simmler! Joe’ Bike Shop is enjoying a longer run in the national press than Senator McCain’s girlfriend and Todd is being exploited in national press as well. Things used to be so quiet around here.

The real shame is that MTB Action missed the opportunity to interview and ride with an underground monster on the mountain bike scene. Todd could have told them what riding means to the rest of us- then he would have whipped their asses down the hills.

Oh well, forget about it, be like water.

What you see next is the inside of a greeting card I mailed to Dogboy. The front showed Mickey Mouse sadly sitting in despair and dreaming in his word bubble “Miss You.” I saw the D-boy last weekend and apparently this is not enough to call the kid out for a bike ride. A god-blessed engraved card signed by your own mountain bike and all the trails in town. This, my friends, is not enough. I am at a loss. I have no idea what else I can do. I am inclined to take it personal.

And lest we forget: Thanks to those of you who have offered to send Joe your well wishes and support to:

Flood of Support- Joe’s Bike Shop
c/o The BRC
2209 Gibbs Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32303

If you would prefer to help in your own community, Joe would like that. Help a kid get a bike. Give away your beater to someone who really needs one to get around town. Buy them a lock, and consider Joe and Pete supported.

Come back and tell us about it. We won’t think you are bragging. We really want to know. We will be proud of you.


For finishing this post I reward you with the following valuable local trail information. So- it is valuable to some.

Live Oak Connector- This brute of a technical test piece is under grave duress. There are indications of re-routes and hard work by someone. If it is you please e-mail me at if you would like help. Until further notice, the majority of the trail is not rideable. It would have been scary to be in those woods in the storm.

East Loop of Lake Overstreet is under water. North and West loops have scattered debris and a few re-routes due to falling tress, but otherwise ride-able. Take your licks, it will help clear the trail.

7 Responses to Hothouse Flower officially "Man Pretty"

  1. Dear Trails,
    I have missed you, too. But I have been busy. I am currently in the process of training my 3 year old daughter to dominate the local cycling scene. By the time she is 4 years old Juancho and company will be breathing her rooster tail of mud and sand wishing she would slow down. It will remind them of the years they spent watching her father’s ass get smaller and smaller in the distance.

    Currently her father’s ass is getting bigger and bigger to the point where it almost matches his on-the-bike-ego. But not quite. You win Juancho. I must make the effort, accept the challenge, and slip to the dark side of dirt and sand (just occasionally). Therefore I am resolving to purchase a pair of knobby tires to replace the skinny slicks currently residing on my mountain bike and then actually ride it in the woods. I only hope my ass will still fit between the trees.

  2. Note of support is in the mail, and I think Magnum will have to take a look at it. I sent it to this address listed on the BRC.

  3. That is the Cosmic Headquarters of the operation, thank you, and thanks for caring Nicol.

    This dump of a site wouldn’t be the same without a Nebraskan roadie. No more head injuries this year please!

  4. I think you meant “Iowan” but anyway…
    And what’s with the address usurpation? I guess Joe’s mailbox is being inhabited by that muscovie.

    BUT, now we can all find the BRC compound on GoogleEarth.