Time Money Karma

Please forward this to your crew.

Dirty Time Trial for Joe’s Bike Shop
September 13th 9:00-1:00 Tom Brown Park

In order to raise money for Joe’s Bike Shop a fundraiser / off-road time trail will be held at Tom Brown Park September 13th. Every penny raised will be given to Joe to help ensure Tallahassee’s landmark bike shop beats the flood.

This time trail will be as unique as Joe’s Bike Shop. Have you ever wished you could crush the competition in a time trial but lack the necessary legs and anaerobic threshold? For one day, time truly is money and you can win this race with your wallet. A $5 donation is the standard entry fee but you better be fast if you only bring 5 bucks. Every additional $5 bribe takes a minute off your time or if you are feeling especially dirty you can add a minute on to another riders time with 5 bucks. If you are tired of getting crushed by a bunch of skinny dudes in spandex I recommend you take up a collection at the office and come win this race.

Please set aside your Saturday morning to ride your bike,hang out with friends and help Joe’s get back up and running. Route and staging area will dictated by how much the trails dry up. Food, prizes and activities for kids will be announced in the coming week along with additional details.

A couple bike shops are offering their support for this event. If you would like to volunteer or donate prizes or food please contact Cliff Leonard: 443-5040 your.bike.sucks@gmail.com

6 Responses to Time Money Karma

  1. That is quite simply a fan-fecking-tastic idea! Simple format, good fun getting everyone together, absolutely inspired.

    Is there anything I can do from this side of the pond to help?

    Fat Lad

  2. Damn, for only $600, I can give myself 2 EXTRA hours, like finishing before I left! I might be able to beat a few guys finally!!!!

    Cash Money Robot Army: ACTIVATED


    TLH – Sister Moon takes 1st in Womans Division, beats out Teamsters and all contenders in her first bike race.
    – In the Men’s Expert, Magnum sets course record, whips pants off the Silkster and rest of field.
    – Race officials charged with taking bribes and rigging results. Judge rules scores final.
    – Joe’s Bike Shop is relocating to the gazebo at Lake Ella. Now scheduling Saturday Weddings for this spring.