Can’t Stand It

I want San Felasco now. I want my new president now. I want all the promise and hard work of the last year to pay off right now.

Too bad I have to wait. It ain’t the first time I haven’t gotten what I wanted.

I’m taking my Obama t-shirt to the inauguration. I received it for making my first donation to the campaign, which was also the first donation I have made to any campaign, excluding the campaign to pay the utilities bill at The Warehouse. I have a long history with that particular operation.

My plan is to bring a pocket of Sharpies and invite people to sign the shirt, being sure to sign where they are from. Out on the Mall, with 3 million of my closest friends. We are going to have a good time I believe. I am still working on what to do about urine.

My San Felasco t-shirt? I don’t think anybody is signing that one, but you never know. Once I go all Key Club on you there is no telling how far I might take it.

By the way, 25 solo east yesterday. 50+ east today with Tommy, so without knowing which unexpected catastrophes will take place, I am as ready as it gets. I am hoping for a good ride with friends in nice weather.

What are the odds on those conditions occurring?


7 Responses to Can’t Stand It

  1. I was ready November 5th and I’d say Obama was more prepared then than the Occupant is after 8 years. Bring it on!

    Oh and 30 MN miles yesterday mostly on glare ice, gotta love those studs!

  2. ok, sf trail conditions are near perfect: 9.2 on a 10 scale.

    my legs? 4.1 (maker’s mark, beer and holiday cheer)

    obama? 9.8

    if yer gonna bow up politically, here’s another number:
    1.20.09, the end of an error.

    juancho, don’t hurt us too bad on 1.10.09

  3. The t-shirt and Sharpie idea is a good one. You are one lucky duck (no chin chuck) to get to go to the inauguration, Juancho!

    I’m pretty sure I went to the Warehouse back in the 90’s.