Chopped Liver

And that, my dear battalion of internet freeloaders, is what the world would be like without the BigRingCircus around to address all of your cycling needs and concerns.

For my most recent performance of deprivation and withholding, I subsisted on minimal connectivity to the wired world. Just a quick survey of where I would be should the United Luddite Front succeed in their efforts to wind back the clock to 1992 or whenever the internet was officially available to the rest of us, and not just Matthew Broderick and that chimpanzee from War Games. Wait- was there a monkey in that?

Who cares. I’m back. Deal with it you bunch of schlubs.

I rode, I ate pie, and San Felasco is nigh upon us.


8 Responses to Chopped Liver

  1. Around here you can eat a chocolate bunny from the ass in any time you want.

    I however, used it as a subtle allusion to the notion that nobody cares if your ass hurts because they got problems of their own.

    Most famously referenced by Thoreau in the phrase, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

    For the record, Thoreau was soft, and mosty likely a nattering freeloader by all accounts.

  2. And being a nattering freeloader is, what, a BAD thing? There goes another aspiration down the drain. That’s what happens when you realize you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up and you’re already retired. Too well educated to be white trash and too unmotivated to be anything else.

  3. He diddled his pals wife when he wasn’t around, took baths and then wandered back to his shack to write about the “simple life”.
    It’s like having a blog about riding mountain bikes and…..never mind.