Personal Board

Sooooo, bikes. Not lately.

I have a different topic for you. The personal board of directors. As in, if you could assemble a panel of experts to guide you as if you were an organization in and of yourself, who would you select to be on your board? I think it is an interesting question. I am going to go with:

Flava Flav (Chair)
Jimmy Carter
Warrick Dunn
Mel (Not his real name)
Paula Deen (oversees the gravy committee)

And y’all?


10 Responses to Personal Board

  1. Chair and Head Messer- Bob Dylan
    Co-Chair and anthem writer- Bruce Springsteen
    Queen- Wanda Sykes
    Spiritual Leader- Keith Richards
    Domestic Goddess- Roseanne
    Me- In charge of gravy and fresh bread

  2. My board is currently involved in an ethical hearings indictment (bankruptcy and sexual harassment), so I can’t discuss them now.

    They were a lot of fun though, good times, good times.

  3. That Board would spend a decent amount of time tore up and rolling on the floor. Flav might have an interesting relationship with maintaining order.

    I imagine Jesse would be a regular in the “persons to be heard” category. In fact, one of the funnest parts of being on that Board would be listening and responding to the persons to be heard, like Wrecking Ball, or Cupcake, or your Moms.

  4. I’m sticking with the famous and infamous

    Yoko Ono — chair (cause I need a good woman to kick my butt)
    Bill Moyers
    Chris Rock
    Robert Bly (no cracks, Juancho)
    John Edwards — ombudsman

    Sasquatch isn’t quite famous enough. Besides, I get him for free.

  5. Chair – Tony Dungy
    Mike Tyson
    Steve Buscemi
    Scooter Girl (from one of the first American Idols)
    Tony Hsieh (Zappos CEO)
    Jesse James (either one)

  6. My management team and I spilt over intellectual embesslement. They hadn’y done it yet but they were THINKING about stealing my money.
    When they found out there wasn’t any…..thats when the split happened.

    My new dream team?
    Dennis Hopper- minister of ramblonics
    Gary Busey-advisor of mystical randomnality.
    Tony Alva-head of national style