meh, well…

I would like to declare publicly my intention to avoid the use of the following internetisms:

“meh”- used to describe a lack of enthusiasm, but not outright rejection of a person, thing, or idea. Good job “Meh” you are officially retired from the internet.

“well”- Needs no explanation, but just in case- Used primarily for dramatic pause to achieve that Wonder Years style of voice that demonstrates a maturation of thought. I guess.

I think it also is used to demonstrate that the writer has considered a more apt description than the one about to follow, but- well, there just isn’t any other way to say it.

I just know that “well” you’re all done now. We appreciate everything you gave us. We look forward to seeing you around in your normal role of describing: a hole where we can get water, an answer to an inquiry of our health, and limited other responsibilities.

S’quatch’s new bike, the Punisher- thumbs up. 50 lbs of get out of his way, that is what that bike is.

Wrecking Ball- verbal acrobat. From ride to shop to taco stop. Big fun.

House- clean.

Shoulder- agonizing pain from stupid airplane.

Operation grown-up (buying a house)- bewildered, must mean progress.

Reading- Sacred Hunger Even sadder than the last book I read.

Tomahawk cruise missiles- thing delivered by the guy I drove from the trailhead to University Cycles yesterday. He looked like Magnus Backstedt so I had to help him out. I look at 18 wheelers differently now. They are not all delivering Pampers.

HiTops- fast in his clipless sandals.

Okay then,


5 Responses to meh, well…

  1. Hey man! It’s all about style.
    But yeah, I’ve been noticing that “meh” thing too. I sort of liked it, but not to the point of well, you know, actually using it.

  2. To all things their due. It has become conspicuously ubiquitous. You know how I get. I’m not pointing fingers. It’s personal.

  3. Thanks for yesterday, to you, Squatch, and Hi Tops. Any time you see a Gopher Turtles you know the sub atomic particles are going in and out of the right corrals (*see “Cosmic Banditoes” by Alan Weisbecker*).
    Squatch heard my life story, all the way back to the old country, and you witnessed my manic comedy seizure, thanks for the induldgence and compassion needed to weather that W.B. storm. I really needed a day like that. Your freinds are probably still exausted. Send my apologies.

  4. They told me point blank if the music or art get serious I am fired as el managerio and you are in. Maybe you could hire me as a henchman.