Panther Update

For those of you long-time Circus carnies, you remember the Jaguarundi I’m sure. If you are new to the site I am referring to a remarkable event about 5 years ago when I and my friend Hambone saw a large, dark-furred cat with a long ropy tail on the trail off of a local road in the middle of a dense suburban metro area. I was in front (of course, yo) and Hambone was right behind me and we saw the animal at about the same time. It heard us and bounded down a steep bank and into a drainage tunnel that leads into the woods. In that moment the rest of our party appeared and we were unable to find a definitive print or evidence of any kind. You can read the back-story by searching Jaguarundi, or Black Panther in this blog and I suggest you do. It would be good to familiarize yourself with the derision and scorn we absorbed for stating a truth beyond the comprehension of the existing shared paradigm. Impossible maybe, but true nonetheless. We accepted the compromise of an obscure species of cat known as the Jaguarundi (indigenous to South America.) The state wildlife office classified the sighting as ” Likely Otter” which is a good argument for deep Republican cuts to their budget (the punks!)

I share this with you now as a preface to this new information I have learned which indeed proves that the shared paradigm is a fragile thing.

Click Here for and reconsider the Jaguarundi sighting anew.


8 Responses to Panther Update

  1. I personally think you could have worked a little harder to collect droppings and hair samples for analysis, but I was never a doubter.

  2. I’m the first to admit I’m no scientist, and it rained that night so I’ve got nothing but Hambone’s word, which is gold standard. Ask anybody. It may have been mottled, or just shadowed, rather than black, but that’s all I will concede.

  3. There aren’t black panthers ANYWHERE in the US to walk here. Now there are some ferocious, overfed kitties, and more than a few stealthy otters. If you were in the front, in that year, you were probably seeing large black spots of many shapes and sizes. Black panther field research gave you an excuse for a good, long rest.