The Round-Up

Back in the olden times when darkness ruled the earth (Bush II era) I would give a little report at the end of the week and recap the highlights and preview events for the weekend.

I don’t care about that shit anymore though.

The Torso and I skipped out for 18 chain basket thingies of disc golf today at lunch and it was stifling hot, although not heatwave hot, or even last June hot. It was just normal hot I guess. At one point he turned his nose to the wind like a dog and said, “I sense fall coming.” I fell down from laughing so hard I rolled all the way down the hill and had to compose myself before teeing off on the 11th. Who knows? He probably did smell fall, it’s out there somewhere and it is heading our way. Words like that guarantee that September will be hot as pizza oven, just the way new Juancho likes it.

I will be special guest starring at Joe’s Bike Shop tomorrow so come on down and buy a bike. Joe is out of town so we may do one of those “The boss is gone” sales. I will be happy to fix your bike too, if you don’t mind it taking a long time and being done almost, but not quite correctly.

Maybe you should just stop and say hello.

Zone 5 is pouring beer right about now, so if you are on the north side of Tallahassee that’s where you should be. For me that’s like driving to Atlanta, but one of these days I will make it happen.

Memorial events for Dave Baton are established. A ride will leave from Joe’s a week from tomorrow (Saturday July 30) at 10:00 A:M and proceed to the FSU fountain and back. If you ride in this town, please help make a strong show of support for his family and friends and to send a message to the community to be aware that cycling goes on here and it will continue. We all need to watch out for each other, regardless of conveyance. By all accounts Dave rode with a lot of joy for the bike and the people around him, and I expect this gathering will be something to remember for a long time. Other events will follow throughout the day.

Whatever you do and wherever you go this weekend, make it count.


4 Responses to The Round-Up

  1. Jauncho wrote:

    “Whatever you do and wherever you go this weekend, make it count.”

    Good advice! I will do my best to make it so…thanks!