Sascha, by God, you should be proud of me. I’m growing up. My kitchen is going to be painted today, and I only had to wait 2 1/2 years for the landlord “Big Dick” to get around to it. I am hoping we go with something like the picture above because it is important to me to project an aura of sophistication and domestic tranquility. Apparently that is how to snare the lovely ladies. Big Dick wants to go more with a color he likes to call “flat white”. We’ll see what happens.

I’m having a hard time getting any kind of regular ride gang together lately. Everybody is gone somewhere. Europe. Idaho. Academia. The Dark world of Ungor. Court. The Drunktank. Apathytown. Yep, that about covers it. I feel like a whore at the docks, ready to go with anybody. Shit, I’m so hard up I would ride with that Tally flasher guy who used to come around. Actually, no I wouldn’t.

Today is S’quatch’s daughter’s birthday, but I bet he woke up more excited about my kitchen being painted. He would like to see me get it together around here, he really would. I appreciate that, but talk is cheap. If I had a nickel for every time he said he was going to come over here and get this kitchen project going I would have at least 15 cents.

Mel (not his real name) seems to be leaning toward the one year plan, which is good news. Thanks again for all of your insightful thoughts and comments. I’ve never been a more proud king of an imaginary kingdom. We’ll see what happens next. I say get the Moots YBB shipped directly here to the lair. I’ll get it all set up, just the way I, I mean you, like it dude.

Citadel is coming to town to get crushed by FSU this weekend, which is only interesting because we have some Pat Conroy fans in the house. If you’ve never heard of him before, he is a South Carolina writer who romanticizes losing in his book, My Losing Season. Conroy is a Citadel man. S’quatch and Hi-Tops fucking love the shit out of some Pat Conroy. They are constantly saying things like, “When I lose I want to lose like Pat Conroy lost” or “Man I really Conroyed that jump back there”. I think it is important and healthy to have heroes.

For the cyclists, here is a cool website. Check out the chainwheel kaleidoscope, it’s awesome.

For the non-cyclists out there, I wouldn’t leave you out! you can check out this site.

I’m going to knock out a solid 2 hour day’s work, take a nap, avoid the paint project, take an urban cruise through campus, meet the whole S’quatch clan at the pub early enough to play pool in a non-disgusting environment, then I will stay around to help make it disgusting.

It’s important to have a plan. It’s all a part of growing up.

Juancho, with links Yo!

6 Responses to Gentrification

  1. A bored Juancho is a dangerous animal. Don’t ever leave one in the cage alone with domestic projects looming, or you’re likely to get pelted upside the head with a piece of poop when you try and sneak by.

  2. you just gotta learn to enjoy riding by yourself. Sometimes it’s even nicer because you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s pleasure–just your own. 😀

    Good work on the kitchen. I would discourage flat white and encourage you to find a nice kitchen color. Blue is good. Red and White are also good.

  3. Yeah, work and apathy, that about covers it. I have some pretense I’m really riding when I take the bike to work (2 miles), my wife’s studio (2.10), or Borders/Best Buy/CVS strip mall heaven (.4) Oh yeah, I ate that hill up — not hard when you’re only climbing one and then locking the steed to a lamppost to duck in for some climate control.

    But it’s the weekend, I’m here, I’m ready, the Mrs. is out of town, and the plumbing should cut me some slack. If you’ll ride with anybody, I’m your man.

  4. S-Big Dick took a belt sander to the cabinets so everything is covered in a fine toxic dust. I knew this project would be bullshit. It was nice the way it was.

    SB-I enojy the solo rides immensely, but I tend not to push as hard. Besides, I take an interest in other people’s pleasure.

    HT- Sunday morning at 9:00 is a for sure. Depart from 10th or meet you on the way. If you start from here don’t forget to throw the gang sign on your way in.

  5. “Prince of Tides” was a cool book. Barbra Streisand fucked up the movie by trying to make us believe that a stud like Nick Nolte would actually fall for her and her goddam fingernails.