If my bike had not been locked in my truck for the last two, OK- three weeks, it would certainly have garnered a notice like this one I spotted in our capital city. That is all over now, because I rode that sumbitch last night.

Out to the Live Oak Connector, our own little Razorback, for a sound thumping. I could still see the fellas when I got out of the woods so I called it a success and turned back for home, no need to accentuate the negative by going too far then begging for mercy.

Someone has been out to the LOC trail and done some serious work. Much needed re-routes, new bridges, and some major brush clearing. Whoever you are, feel free to remain anonymous, but e-mail me at loveyourbike@gmail.com and tell me where to set up the tab, you have got some cold ones coming your way my friend, so please step up and claim them.

I expected the absolute worst yesterday, but it wasn’t that bad. In a tight, technical, rooted-out trail I can mask my lack of training with rusty skills. Out on the open trail, I expect it would be dust-ville for me. Somehow I am hanging on to a little fitness.

Stress is exercise after all right?



4 Responses to Timid

  1. Sorry we missed you last night, Juancho. Several of the crew and myself did two laps of Live Oak last night, also. I’m headed out to add my efforts to those of the mystery worker tonight. The new waist high log needs a bridge I think. Flash, Micro and I will be out there to measure it out, and maybe we’ll have something in place by the w/e. We’ll be rolling from the Office around 5:45-6:00 if you’re interested in tagging along.

  2. Dude…that bridge is a death trap.
    Can’t you manuel over it like everybody else?

    Practice on an oil drum.
    Out in the yard.