Titus Eve

So, it is a little awkward standing around here, just waiting. Everybody knows the Jamis has seen its last ride, and the new bike isn’t here yet, soooooo, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Kids doing OK? Did you ever get rid of that irritating rash you were telling me about?

A little foot tapping, a check of the watch, maybe if I push the button again the doors will open. Any minute now…

In the meantime I will take a moment to congratulate S’quatch on his recent gastric bypass surgery, look at the amazing difference.



Anyway, maybe if I push the button again…


4 Responses to Titus Eve

  1. The formerly big man made a spectral appearance at my house in full winter kit last night–the ghost of diets present. Strange to see him so greatly diminished. On the other hand, he still has 40 pounds on me.

    Uh, wrecking ball, I’m still on an old Jamis, if an ’03 can be considered old. I hear someone recently called it a “pig.” New bike’s not here yet and you’re already looking down your nose! Jeez. Maybe you were misquoted.