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King and Kong look tired this morning

Maintaining a cycling blog while not cycling is one of the most rewarding accomplishments of my young life. Without the luxury of bike rides to fill the pages, I have pushed my ability- and my readers’ credibility- by exploring the existential and the metaphysical.

I strive for the literary equivalent of that trick my grandpa taught me where he takes his thumb off.

I realize now there may be no cyclists visiting this site.

Judging from the referrals and keywords that bring traffic to this informational cul de sac, my average reader prefers to feed ice cream to their cat while watching Bigfootville on the Travel Channel; and I am glad to have you.

Prepare for discomfort and change, because the ride is on. Back to back mornings to the sweet East side trails. I don’ know if I am keeping up or everyone else is slowing down, but I like what I am seeing- my fellow riders in sight the whole time, and sometimes behind me.

Wagoneering has its privileges and I am not talking about the Popsicle buffet.


14 Responses to Back to Our Show

  1. Don’t count us ice cream feeders out. Perhaps we’re riding vicariously through you — and also enjoying NOT riding vicariously when you’re not! 🙂 Anyway, ‘Bout time you got back home and back in the saddle, mijo!

  2. Wagoneering seems like a good option these days; I find myself staring at the beach with a gun in my hand.

    I see a stranger, be right back.

  3. Magnum, be sure to wear your sunglasses to protect your eyes while staring at the sea and sand. Eyesight is very important!

    Juancho – Where’s the popsicle buffet?

  4. Do roadies, who sometimes ride mtb, count as cyclists? 😉 If so, I’m still reading. Cycling news will be a bonus! But, excuse me, it’s time to get back to the Travel Channel.

  5. You can write about whatever you want, Juancho, and we’ll read it.
    And might I add…bacon…succulent BACON!
    Oh yeah.

  6. Vision is only lies; case in point, there is no bacon available on this page, only the vision of it.
    If bacon is cooked and no one is around to eat it, does it still taste so good?
    If MTB’s ride on the road and no one is around to see their track stands, are they still cool?

    there is only Juancho, no bacon and no roadies.

  7. Now we’re back to a basic you are what you eat argument. And since I know Juancho eats bacon, how can there be only Juancho, yet no bacon?