Might as well turn it up and rip the knob off. This channel ain’t changin’.

I made some sort of invisible cut tonight. I got to ride that secret trail everyone’s been yammering about. Nice. Brutal and rough- but nice.

Big Jim Slade was sporting the finest collection of gnats nestled in pus I have seen in a long time on his knees and elbows. What can you do? People get on bicycles and race them on the roadways. This is a fact. I can do nothing to change it, but Lord have I tried.

Is anyone still watching the Tour? Like lots of things in life, I am afraid Professional Cycling might be more fun with the pharmaceuticals. Don’t start your “Dopers Suck” rant over here, I can barely find time to deal with my own ranting as it is. Of course I am still watching, and yes I know how hard they are working, and that the appreciation for the sport requires a subtle understanding of pain and reaching beyond pain. I get it. The drama however, remains rather subdued.

Fat Lad will no shit be here in Tallahassee in 76 days or so. Y’all better be ridin’. We need to send him home with an inflated image of our collective abilities.

Not to mention Uncle Todd, who will be here in less than a month. We got company coming folks. Pass the EPO.


13 Responses to Amplified

  1. Who is this Uncle Todd? Is he an artist guy? Very interesting.
    And look- we must have Fat Lad out to Lloyd, don’t you think, for the full Florida experience?

  2. of course, full treatment for the lad. Uncle Todd is the most talented rider any of us have ever known or will ever know. He’s an artist and bicycle pilot.

  3. I can’t help but watch and enjoy the Tour. I espeically like the mountain stages. It amazes me that these guys can ride up mountains the way they do with hundreds of drunken Europeans in their face. I’d be like “get the f@*$K out of my way”.

  4. Something slow and fun so we can talk and solve all the worlds problems! I just got a half day pass at work and I have stuff to do later so I was thinkg about riding early?

  5. “for the full Florida experience”

    Sounds interesting….

    In all seriousness though we can’t wait to get there. Accomodation is booked, bike bags are ready and the flights have our names on. It’s all go 🙂

    J: is this why the sudden upsurge in miles? Show the Brit up? Can’t wait 😉

    Fat Lad

  6. Hey! When is Fat Lad coming? I might want to be a part of this Florida experience, too! I hope I’m not yet off having a Mexico experience by then. The Florida one seems far more warm and fuzzy to me! 🙂 Do I have to start riding to participate (which might remove the warm fuzzy part)? =0 (Where does one ride trails in Manatee Co. please?)

  7. In Merida?? Wow! That’ll be quite a car trip for people who think it’ a fur piece to Scotland! 😉 When are Mr. and Mrs. FL to arrive? Flying into where??
    This is NEWS!! 🙂