I am writing to you from my new off-site headquarters. For seven years I have worked from home- first a shack in the hood and then a (partially) underground bunker a few steps from where I lay my head.

The times have mandated an escalation. In order to answer the President’s call to service we must meet the people where the need is greatest, in the streets and communities where our neighbors live, and we are all of us neighbors.

It is not surprising that this location manifests the enduring battle of my adult life- the call of the appetites versus the salty bit of obligation. On the one hand, I am on the runway to the forest, just minutes from the trails. But on the other hand, the dirty other hand (the right in this case) I am a 45 second walk from delicious artisan brews and cheery folks prepared to toast a hard day’s work and a job well done- a thing I have certainly missed.

I can dress the cat in black and white, but he will never serve me a drink.

For today, the trail wins.


7 Responses to HQ

  1. I feel certain that Iggy will one day serve you a drink! Until then, it’s nice to have friendly folks and beckoning trails nearby.

    Is your new locale furnished?