A Nice Ride

Stifling heat and humditiy out there in the forest yesterday, but at least the trail was soft and sandy. Every inch of the 20 some miles of singletrack felt like I was towing a fat kid on a skateboard. I guess that was my inner child? No matter, Soup and I got it done and had plenty of time to discuss next week’s outing to North Carolina. He is thinking 10 hour beatdowns. I’m thinking 3 hour ride arounds.

I don’t want any suffering that isn’t absolutely necessary.


5 Responses to A Nice Ride

  1. Exactly, there should be no suffering on vacation, for sure. Enjoy every minute because they go fast. Hope the trip does ya good! 🙂

  2. I was out at Munson and Twilight lat Sat. afternoon. No other riders; just their tracks. I climbed Tall Pines Shortcut; after North Carolina, it felt good to ride up a hill instead of walk it.

    Time for the afternoon cafecito.

  3. I am expecting a mechanical publishing royalty check for your use of the nickname “Soup”. After our ride afew weeks ago I registered the copyright.
    I suspect I will be the recipient of a beat down from the artist formerly known as “Cupcake”.