Stupid and Polluted

I think this picture speaks for itself. It seems like every other day there is a reason to abandon the wagon. A birthday, a friend in town, the price of gas dropped two cents, whatever. I think this August I will squander all of the fitness I earned through miserable June and July with my smoothies and solo grinds. I’m an extroverted guy, all of that focus and isolation is bad for me. With all of the negative attention on “manifestos” out there I decided it was time to put mine down for a while and rejoin the world. Remind me of this when I am sucking wind at San Felasco please.

Bottoms up!


9 Responses to Stupid and Polluted

  1. When reading this, I thought of the blog manifesto of that guy in PA who shot all those people in the gym. He has a lot of negative attention now.

  2. I would not expect anything else but that from your manifesto, Juancho.

    What I meant to say was that when you referred to “manifestos” that were gaining negative attention lately, that guy came to mind. I think it came out wrong in the way I wrote it…Sorry but I am polluted and stupid on blogs sometimes. 🙂