Cheaha ’09

It is time for the annual Cheaha trip, a retreat, a little break.

With two houses in stages of disarray, a work schedule that shows me more ports of call than a professional port-caller, and an extra-tropical storm blowing through the entire southeast region, I am still going.

Got to. Gotta. Has to happen.

I’m working on material. “If Ida known it was going to rain so much Ida brought an umbrella!” Go ahead- now you try it.

We are going to Cooper Creek, north of Dahlonega, GA and if any of you would like to join us, then load up. The weather should be clearing by tomorrow, and we will only have to deal with the mud left behind from 2 inches of rain. I have a set of Continental Edge tires and I’m looking forward to ravaging the trails with those flippers on the Titus.

Riding has been catch as catch can this fall due to life-changing maneuvers, (Yo, that Juancho be makin’ moves dog!) I need to ride myself back into the general vicinity of sane.


3 Responses to Cheaha ’09

  1. Muddy GA trails, hmmm, sounds vaguely familiar. May I suggest ditching the umbrella and bringing a derailleur, and a saddle, and any other part that you never in a million years thought would have the audacity to break right in the middle of your good time. On second thought, forget all of that. Just bring a good attitude, and the rest will fall into place. Enjoy the adventure.

  2. If Ida (yep, pun it up bitches) known it was gonna be this wet, I wouldn’t packed the __________.
    I had all sorts of ready madlibs for that line, but went with my usual; calm reserve.