My friend the Internet.

Did you have a nice weekend Internet? I hope so. Mine was very busy. Friday and Saturday were characterized by long bike rides through miles of sand. It was really great Internet, to be out riding with my bro’s again. I’m so sore, but wow, it was super.

You probably know this already cuz you are the internet Internet, but we all helped move Cupcake into his new house yesterday. It was the craziest time ever! Washer, Dryer, Gigantic refrigerator, furniture made from lead, and a hundred heavy boxes. We filled a 30 ft. trailer and 7 trucks! That Cupcake, I don’t know if he is worth it sometimes. LOL! ; ) JK!!!

Well, the hole in my leg is healing up and I gotta go to the store. My Dad said I need some new biotics to replace all the biotics I killed with the medicine that made my leg get small again. Oh well, it’s always something isn’t it Internet! I don’t have to tell you that though do I! You’re the busiest friend I know.

Be cool! Your (best?) friend,


8 Responses to My friend the Internet.

  1. You forgot “SWAK.” I hope internet is a good enough friend to not abandon you like you abandoned it.
    Geez. I thought I raised you better than that. 🙁

  2. man, your internet has been showing me some skanky pictures lately, you better keep a close eye on it!

    (but tell it thanky for me)