More on Cats

In a bizarre coincidence the following happened yesterday:

I was on the phone discussing logistics with Pa Ingalls of Reddick, FL to come to town for some tree-venturing. We confirmed a 3:00 P:M arrival for today with all the equipment needed for major assault on some area Live Oaks and Giant Pines. This is referred to as “Arboring” I suppose.

Moments after we hung up- my cat, Iggy the Manx, rocketed 80 feet up a tree after being scared by the neighbor dog. This was at 6:00 P:M last evening.

Iggy is still in the tree, and Pa Ingalls is on the road.

This could have a few outcomes, we will have to wait and see.

I told that cat there was nothing outside for him but certain death.


11 Responses to More on Cats

  1. Sounds like perfect timing to me. Maybe the neighbor dog, Iggy and Pa Ingalls planned this without you?

    Hope you get him down. Poor kitty.

  2. My firstborn shimmied up a neighbor’s tree a few years ago to rescue our marooned feline. Aside from the scratches and urine, it was an unmitigated success. Call him if the siege continues.

  3. According to my friend the Internet some cats meet a grisly end in this situation. While we wait for the rescue team to arrive, try to find Iggy in the top picture.

  4. 🙁 Sending good luck vibes.

    My cat fell out of a second story window after pushing the screen out trying to get a squirrel on the eave and was terrified but fine. Hope that helps a little.

  5. Thanks nicol, a positive story is a nice antidote to the gruesome tales on the internet. As of now, 12:34 P:M EST he looks quite comfortable and is enjoying the sun. Time in tree- 18’34” hours.
    low temp- 31 degrees.

  6. Rescue unsuccessful. Retreat to the top of the tree. Odds aren’t looking good. We’ll see what another cold night up there does for his decision-making abilities.

  7. This is your long-lost Auntie Nan writing to say that your momma told me the whole story. including the happy ending, and I am so happy to hear ANY happy ending right now, especially yours and Iggy’s, that I had to let you know. Some days you get the bear (or, in this case, the cat…..)