The Libritchenudio

It is time to change up the energy over here on the Heech. For three months I needed nothing but 4 hours of Wife Swap a day and a bed. Now it is time to capitalize on that investment. A 90 day retreat into the mind is a long sojourn to a foreign place and I couldn’t help but pick up some souvenirs along the way. I have a lot of projects to work on all of a sudden and I find my space inadequate and too compartmentalized.

That’s how the libritchenudio* evolved. I have everything within reach now, but I can’t sit 4 for dinner unless we go outside. It will be nice soon, not that I’m inviting anyone over per se. Ideas that germinated during my convalescence are sprouting tiny buds of possibility: the stop-motion finger puppet movie, the non-fiction novel about a novel that is about non-fiction, rescuing civil discourse, booking abysmal gigs for my stable of talent, and choreographing my paddleboat sonata. That is a lot of work and I also have a job.

The libritchenudio will help me make it all happen.


*A NOTE ON HYBRIDS: Some of you may be tempted to crow on about my previously stated stance on hybrids, and their inherent weakness and guarantee of failure. The libritchenudio is no hybrid as there is no compromising of values or abilities. The libritcheudio is not part one thing, part another, but all things uncompromised.

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