I don’t know if it is a sunny spot on a grassy hill. It might be a black-bearded old fox squirrel. Could be an old-friend I haven’t seen in a while or a full moon no light ride. I don’t know what is out there for me this weekend, but I know there is some pirate booty and I aim to hunt it down.

(Begin ham-handed innuendos and inappropriate commenting at your will)

One of our Tallahassee boys from the Bikechain Nations is riding to town from the Tampa area I believe. Some of you must know more than me, so please clue us in. All of us here at the Big Ring Circus wish him well on his 285 mile one day solo ride. That’s right. He is that particular kind of strong.

And now I am off to lay in stock for the voyage, wherever the wind may take us.


2 Responses to Booty

  1. All I know about Carl’s adventrue ride today is what I’ve read on facebook. I would like to hear more from him on what his motiviation was and all about his stories of today.