Suwannee Love

You know by now that when I go quiet around here it means one of two things. Either I am not riding or something big is in the offing. I can’t tell you why though, because the Wrecking Ball will read this and I need to maintain a cloak of secrecy around my training regiment. I mean training regime. I mean training regimen. Maybe I am rolling 4 hour solo vision quests under the early summer sun. Maybe I am eating Cobb salads in hotel rooms and watching Celebrity Apprentice. I will never tell, but Clay Aiken got robbed.

This weekend is the Florida Folk Festival and it is going to be one of the most memorable yet. Back Porch Revival, the family band, will be performing as they have for many years. My cousin Matt will be featured on the fiddle for the first time, ushering in a new era. He is often referred to as the family “miracle baby” due to surviving some severe trauma at birth. Technically speaking, he is disabled, but not on the fiddle or anyway else I would say. The kid can rip on stage. He’s 21 or so, which just means I am old as a big Cypress tree. That’s him on the left with the bass, before his promotion.

The other reason is because I will be holding hands with this girl a lot.(She’s the one on the right.)

The third reason is because we are staying at the Ramada Inn in Lake City instead of sleeping in the dirt being eaten alive by Chiggers, or in the back of the van with no blanket or pillow, just sweating. Both have been the case in years past.

Somehow, despite the heat, the lines, and the blisters, the Folk Festival comes together for a magical moment under the big pines and I feel lucky to be a Floridian, and just lucky to be myself in general.

You are lucky to be you too.


9 Responses to Suwannee Love

  1. Okay. I CAN believe that we both blogged about the Florida Folk Festival but the fact that we both wrote about cobb salads is blowing my mind.
    Stop reading my mind, Juancho! Stop it!
    See you at the Azalea Stage at three to hear the Cicada Ladies?

  2. What? I must go read about your Cobb salad now. I’ll definitely be there for Cicada Ladies unless life is cruel and scheduled them against BPR. There is always campground picking to enjoy too.

    See you there!

  3. I ain’t getting anywhere NEAR a campground.
    No way. My whole life is too much like camping.
    You have a very pretty wife-to-be. Unless you already got married and then she would be your wife.

  4. So great to put a face to the avatar. Funny; you look about like I pictured you — but happier. That must be due to the one on the right. I totally know how that goes. You guys have a blast together.

  5. Unrequested hint: Unhappy people might tell you guys to enjoy these days, because, “It’s all downhill from here, blah, blah, blah…” Softer in the middle, busier, no stomach for the escapades of your youth. Those are all true, but guess what they forget to mention? A: “Happier.”

    Blessings on y’all!