Fuck you Arlene!

it’s time Posted by Hello

Rain for the whole weekend, that’s the forecast. Just like last year sitting around waiting for Hurricane Frances to come to town and bore us to death. Well, this year I’m not just going to sit by and “get prepared” for hurricane season. No way, the batteries are already purchased, the canned goods remain canned. The coleman lantern and the propane grill “Old Sparky” are ready. It’s time for action. Wet, 100% humidity action. I don’t care if I have to shoot Munson in the kayak tomorrow, I’m laying down a 38 minute lap.

Last year we got pasted in Florida by Charley, Frances, Ivan, and then Jeanne (Ah, Jeanne was so cute wasn’t she?) Now we’re back to the top of the order again, unbelievable.

It’s enough to make a man start drinking. (Well-harder stuff and earlier in the day anyway.)

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