I’m all tapped out. I left it all on the field. I brought it all.

I’m talking about the blog, not the bike. I’ve got plenty left for the bike this weekend.

Here are the scraps left in my mind this morning…

Congratulations to AucillaSinks on the 10 year anniversary of the Fern Trail. For those of you from out of town, the Fern trail is the major greenspace conduit that cuts right through town. It was born as a renegade trail and survives due to popular appeal I guess. Maybe someone lobbied someone else or something. Anyway, the dude who cut this and many other trails in town drops by the BRC now and again, and if that doesn’t make us cool then I don’t know what to tell you.

April 11 the BRC will be one year old, which means I have been more successful at maintaining a website of nonsense than a serious relationship with a woman, so I have that going for me too.
I will be celebrating this event with a tour of Southeastern trails as Mystery the untameable stallion and I travel to Dupont State Park, NC, Tsali, Pisgah, and wherever else we damn well wish. Yes, I will be bringing a light this time, and probably a jacket. All are welcome to rendevous with us.

I enjoyed the poetry slam yesterday, I think it lends the site a touch of class.

Between secret sessions at the gym, hemorrhagic rides with Bushy, and the occasional out of town solo mission- like James Brown says, I feel good!

That dumbass with the radio show blew me off when I didn’t find any tracks for the panther. I’ll show him some “tracks” if I ever meet him.

Sasquatch is reading some french book about road biking, and he intends to post “good” quotes from time to time. This of course makes my satiric heart leap for joy. It’s money in the sarcasm bank, prepaid.

After payday, I’m going to buy a bunch of BRC stickers, then I will travel the world placing them on your cars, bikes, pets, and such. I intend to finance this trip through the sale of stickers…to you. We’ll see how it goes.

Get me off the stage, I’m bombing up here today.

Have a bigringcircus weekend! (Bikes, recipes, and cats remember!)


4 Responses to Roundup

  1. Well, you have to admit, women are a little more high maintenance than a website, or a bike for that matter. I’ve maintained a relationship with the same bike for three years and I’ve been through 3 boyfriends and god-only-knows how many dates since then.

    And I’ll totally take a BRC sticker (of the magnetic type). If you make small ones or sticky stickers, I’ll stick it on Stella, my commuter 🙂

  2. I did not know that. Thanks for the insight. who knew? What is it they want? The BRC represented on the streets of Minneapolis? Too good to be true. Especially since it will say “Juancho is totally hot”.

  3. Pardon me for interrupting the delusions of hotness. Will the anniversary southeastern tour include Oak Mountain. I know you were just there recently, but that’s probably my next destination ride. Tsali and Pisgah are not quite weekend trips from the western terminus of the panhandle.