The Roundup

I meant to get up early and post some stellar lit’rature this morning, but instead I laid in bed staring at the ceiling and contemplating how good I feel. The general absence of cloudiness and pain as I ticked through the physical inventory. 6 Edy’s natural juice popsicles and 3 episodes of the Sopranos in a row last night, and I still feel rested and ready. I know, hard to believe after a bender like that.

On other fronts- Contrary to yesterday’s post I am not a road biker, here is some evidence.

I have manners and greet people appropriately on rides.
Hairy legs (and chest too ladies).
Cant see my ribs when my jersey is unzipped.
Never broken a clavicle
Don’t use Cytomax, Endurox, Creatine, Goo, or any other $40.00 powders.
Don’t like Coldplay or Oasis
Don’t natter on about “share the road” crap.
Like to steer my bicycle.
Don’t own a road bike (and that’s the clincher really).
Don’t wear cologne or jewlelry.
Don’t “Loofa” in the shower.

The Fish Slap was good fun as usual last night. I came in last in the TT, which was awesome of course. Then I got a mechanical thank the Lord, before the 10 lap crit got underway. A 40-something dude on a 20+ year old Bianchi kicked everyone’s ass, which was also awesome to watch. Ha-ha, I might have been last, but Larry put the stomp on you too suckers.

We are going to go plow around in the sand at Munson this afternoon, it should be great fun.

Bushyhead has built up his 4th bike of the year I think, I’ve lost track now.

This is boring I know, try living it!

Check back later after I get my game face on.


6 Responses to The Roundup

  1. A little Oasis now and then is just the ticket. Balances out the NOFX. The great beast with whom I share the road has hairy legs as well. And despite the pain and the speed, we greet the other roadies.

    Juancho, resistance is futile. Maybe you and Bushy can build up a decent starter road bike from spare parts around Joe’s. Sasquatch and I will welcome you into the paceline and won’t even make you pull.

    In the meantime, maybe I’ll run into you at the Munson sandbox.

  2. Polite nods or grimaces are minimum requirements in the manners department. I’m sure it is a mix of the difficult nature of communicating while riding in a single file line, the more type A “stay between the lines” personality that is drawn to road cycling, The Calvinistic, long-suffering habits it takes to be a strong roadie, as opposed to the ROCK-N-ROLL nature of the mountain biker. The roadies who ride off-raod still act like roadies, you can tell them a mile away. And they can’t bunny hop. Bunny Hops are so punk rock! YEAH ROCK-N-ROLL!! WooHOOOOOOO!!! Owwwwwwww!!!!!

    Jeesh, I’m going riding. nO supplemental post today.

  3. I am a cyclist first and roadie second. I smile and wave to everybody. You can’t see my ribs but you can see my feet. Haven’t broken a clavicle but have broken a leg thanks to someone who doesn’t natter on about share the road crap. Love Coldplay. Enjoy loofas. And still can kick your ass, road or off road, anytime any where. Just find me a baby sitter.
    Love ya still,