Here’s a rare shot of me relaxing in camp at Sand Rock “Paint your name here” Alabama. I think the light really favors my rugged good looks, don’t you?

I’m dragging around with a cold, or Bird Flu, or Hantavirus or something, but you know, the show must go on. If you don’t mind I think I will just ramble a few non sequiters by you and as they say, “phone this one in” today.


Welcome to our newest riding buddy
Splinter Cell who kicked off his mountain biking career with an 18 mile ride yesterday. Aside from some bloody shins he looked fine at the end. He declined to don the manotard and I was therefore very disappointed that he reported no undue trauma to his t’aint. Might we be wearing all that stuff for nothing? Could we get along just fine riding in a pair of high-waisted Lee jeans and a snap button western shirt? I just don’t know. Splinter Cell is a Marine and will not be enjoying much of what you might call sympathy, or grace, along the trail.

The moment has passed to capture the joy and terror of downhilling at the Tanasi Trail system and its showpiece the Thunder Rock Express. Don’t go within 100 miles of these trails without stopping. Bigger than Tsali, smoother than Pisgah, faster than Santos. How did I not know about this place? A true gem, and a BRC insta-classic. I will be back in the Spring.

S’quatch is struggling to find his motivation for San Felasco. Since most of us have been excluded from this elitist event, would someone please claim him? He doesn’t eat much (lately) and he’s a good road trip buddy, especially if you like close calls on the highway and dodging camp fees.

What? Too much bike talk? You’re probably right, that’s why I go over to Ms. Moon’s page to get my fix of deep thought and eloquent elocution.

Meanwhile, ole Jill in Alaska, another “Blolg Fwhend” is lording it up as an NPR correspondent. She’s going to ride 350 miles in the Ididarod Invitational that precedes the dog race. I say BIG DEAL! Why not do a story about a guy who acts like he’s being carjacked whenever you make him get on his bike and who can cook and eat pancakes at a 1:1 ratio while standing at the stove. Oh, he’s also grumpy and inclined towards schadenfreude. No? Not as interesting? Whatever, go over to if you want to see what a real blog looks like. Harumph!

It was good to see everyone out on the Tom Brown Park Promenade yesterday morning. Bigworm, surrounded by his Lost Boys, Tallyflasher and fast Floyd. Ken in his sleeveless denim vest- too hot, and of course- I was there- and that makes me happiest of all.


8 Responses to Thickhead

  1. Juancho- we MUST meet. Thanks for the mention. Makes me feel like I need to blog more often.
    Ms. Ample seems to have the cold, too. Y’all must have passed it around up there in Rock City World. Sounds like it was worth it, though.
    And you’re always worth reading, even when it’s all about bikes. Even when you call it in. At least that’s how I see it.

  2. Come on then. It just so happens that on Thursday there will be a ginormous feast going on around three or so. Downtown Guy will be here and so will I. We’d love to see your face.
    Any time, though. Any time.

  3. I almost spit my meager lunch all over the screen trying to picture any number of people out on the trail in a snap button Western shirt.

    That’s a snapshot only a mama could love.

  4. Does the Western kit include a lasso to corral breakaways? I’m in.

    Sorry I missed the Tom Brown meet and greet. Sasquatch wanted some instruction on intervals.

  5. A man performs a herculean effort of riding for the Clydesdales amongst us and doesn’t even warrant a mention. Juancho you’ve changed man 😉

    Fat Lad

    (Looking good in the pic btw, new skin regime?)

  6. Juancho, You’d better take Ms. Moon up on her offer since your momma isn’t cooking a turkey this year — unless I kill one along the side of the road in Mexico on Thursday. 😉
    She really should’ve let YOU cook for her family and taken me up on my invitation to ride to the Yucatan with me. Now that would’ve worked, especially since you’ve learned from your mom how to make GOOD GRAVY!! 🙂

  7. Juancho- you make gravy? Come on! We’ll toast your mother and then I’ll weep silently as I wash dishes after dinner, wishing I was with her in the Yucatan.