Now I remember why San Felasco is so tough. This is the time of year when everything happens. Now that we have saved the free world from certain doom and destruction all I want to do is get back on the two-legged stool and start hopping. Work, ride, work, ride, work, ride- you ride sixty miles and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in lactic debt.

Instead of chaining myself to the bike and computer, instead there are holidays, weddings, conferences, and a steadily increasing selection of baked goods and candy. Why no Christmas candy corn? Tell me that. All of this communal participation! I just want to be the Ted Kaczinski of cycling.

No matter. I made it through the 18th annual Cheaha trip without crashing the wagon. There were some bumps, and I ran alongside for a while, but I managed to swing back into the buckboard like a rodeo star. Mr. Up Early and rarin’ to go- that was me.

We climbed 10 miles of mountain road without nary a downhill on one ride, then the next we drove to the top in a pickup truck and froze our asses off before descending the Thunder Rock Express, which took about 4 minutes. Not the most epic of situations. Some rock climbing on Star Mountain and call it a camping trip.

Now- how to put the pain mask back on and wallow in a schedule of deprivation and suffering?


7 Responses to Coal-Powered

  1. Well, all my go fast got sapped by the “got a jacked foot, gods” so, I’m down with turning out the long, steady miles for Felasco prep. My lovely bride is gung ho at the moment, as well, so she may be willing to join us, if you’re alright with riding with a girl….

    Let me know.

  2. It is so cool to hear about people riding. One day I will join up and ride like I should, but… I have a 3:00 to prep for and then I have to pick up the kids, help with homework, dinner…

  3. Juancho- I’ve finally put knobbies back on the mtb, outfitted it with lights and “Wednesday Night in the Woods” is born. Any takers? The 2-hour ride leaves at 5:30 every Wednesday from Devils Dip.

  4. Just like that you come out of retirement and want to dictate terms and conditions?

    The next Wednesday I am in town is Dec. 3rd. See you then.