My very own personal ray of sunshine

That’s what I found yesterday in the middle of a cool, drizzly ride out to the landbridge and back. Just a single spot of blue sky and a ray of sun banking off the railroad berm. I admired the beauty of it for a moment as I rode on past, then I realized my mistake and returned. I hacked my way through the smilac and kudzu husk into the crepuscular glow. I tried to get into that empty mind place, el pizarro en blanco, and I kind of did, for a few seconds. Mainly though I thought about just what a miracle it was to be sweaty in a chill dusk air riding my bike at all.

We all have a sunbeam out there somewhere, just for us.


3 Responses to My very own personal ray of sunshine

  1. Sweet! 🙂 That IS a miracle after the year you’ve had with your shoulder, isn’t it? I need to ride my bike again too. Spinning doesn’t cut it.