Tree Cat Rescue

Those of you who have been around for a while will remember the dramatic rescue of my fat manx cat Iggy over a year ago. For three days he swayed 70 feet above the yard on a scraggly limb of a water oak tree. It was February and the temperatures were below freezing each night. Unable to do anything to help, I mourned his death by the minutes. It was torturous.

And then…

Pa Ingalls, here revealed for the first time as J.B. Bates, rolled into my driveway all the way from Reddick, FL with a truckload of tree climbing gear. By pure coincidence he was on a scheduled visit to ride bikes and introduce us to recreational tree climbing, but now it was a live action mission.
Ropes were flaked, tag lines were set, harness was checked and away he went. Was Iggy as awe-struck as us spectators? Did he see a halo glowing around J.B.’s helmet, or did he think J.B. to be not an angel, but an angel of death come to carry him off to the great beyond? Either way he offered no resistance and gratefully slumped into the bag rigged at J.B.’s hip. Once on the ground he sprang from the bag and bolted for the house so fast he slammed into the closed door.

Cat officially rescued.

Now J.B. and another long-esteemed friend of the BRC, Danny “the Mayor” Lyons from have gone legit. They have hung out their cat rescue shingle and another family has already been reunited with their wayward cat. Click on the logo above to learn about their services and read about the heartwarming, inspired rescue of “Kitty” from the community of Mcintosh, FL and know for yourself what heroes look like.

Climb safe Tree Cat Rescuers and bring those kitties home!

Juancho & Iggy

4 Responses to Tree Cat Rescue

  1. Damn straight! Heroes for sure, for the simple desire and ability to help. And in the most adventurous way possible!

  2. They work statewide and probably internationally. If the Chilean Miners had been cats stuck in trees these guys would have been the ones to save them.