My name is Stegosaurus

The Stegosaurus is not the most glamorous dinosaur, but it got the job done in the Prehistoric rumbles I am sure. Click the title link to learn more about this impressive beast. I can’t vouch for those children’s bona fides. If you want to hear the song sung right you have to meet my 3 year-old buddy Lucy. She knows what’s what about a Stegosaurus song.

I felt like a Stegosaurus out there today lumbering behind the Dogboy, who is some kind of long-distance fast rolling dinosaur. It was a workman-like three hours of saddle-time out to the Munson Twilight Zone by way of a whole bunch of sandy trails with lots and lots of sticks. I’m calling it 28 miles.

As I have said, San Felasco can’t come soon enough. It can all go to hell by the 14th, but so far things feel good. Who cares right? There’s bigger fish to fry than a long, cold bike ride.

Such as…

What’s up with the dude on the Bachelor? Why doesn’t he get a haircut? The 90’s are over bro, tighten up. Speaking of haircuts it should go without saying that if you live in the area and need to polish your avatar, my girl is a terrific stylist and affordable.You should see what she has done for my look. BRC readers get a break of course. Ask for details.

What else? Is Mitt going to make it happen in Iowa? I just don’t know. That Rick Santorum is one charming S.O.B. don’t you think? Friendly, funny, the total package.

Blogging is easy really, anyone can do it. Look how effortless I make it look. That’s because it really is that simple. One word comes. Another word follows that word. Piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, how many of you put on some holiday lbs? I’m logging in with 4 official, 6 unofficial. That sets me up perfect for the Felasco taper. Whatever that is. One word. Two words. Onward we all go.


2 Responses to My name is Stegosaurus

  1. I’m at 5lbs over I think. Santorum, isn’t that a word for a certain mixture of bodily fluids?
    I’ll come by soon and get “the Clooney” cut. That and a new suit should set me on the path to riches.