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  1. BTW, Twilight Zone riders:
    Horses ARE allowed on the dirt roads intersecting the TZ trail, actually they’re allowed anywhere, except the marked bike trail.

    Please, Don’t yell at horses unless they are really breaking the law.

    ( Some TZ Mtb’ers yelled at the St.Marks Trails Coordinator, on her horse, on legal roads. not smart!)

    The law: know it, love it, live it. 😛

  2. Dear Anony,
    While I can not speak for Juancho, not being there and all, I still think your response assumes a lot. For one you assume that the horse folks you are defending were on the trails designated for horses. If you weren’t there then you really can’t take that position. You also assume (off handedly) that they were the ones that incorrecly yelled at trail coordinators.
    I know some mountain bikers (usually novices and weekend warriors) don’t yeild to Horses. I can see how you would like to lump us all in that category, but the folks that linger around here ride quite a bit and know the rules and terrain. We also donate our time to maintain these trails. I could regale you with yarns of yeilding to horses and getting negative comments about cyclists while I waited for them to pass. I always thought that was interesting. Still I would never make a blanket statement about all horse folks because well… it’s an argument without merit and it’s just based in prejudice and ignorance.
    We all know we have to coexist on multi use trails. If you knew Juancho you would know that everything on this site is tongue and cheek humor. I know it’s hard to share, but at least you don’t have to ride through our poop, unless you come to blogs where you are not invited.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Yes, speak to my attorney. The jackasses on their donkeys were standing on the blue trail, the real blue trail- Munson, not this TZ deal, when we crossed them, and they were the ones doing the yelling. Sanctimonious dipshits.

    I should have let Mystery tame their stallion.


  4. Hey, what’s wrong with arguing based on ignorance and prejudice. W.B., I thought that was your speciality!

    Personally, I don’t see why anyone has to yell at anyone in the woods. The way I hear it, Juancho employed a little Abe Lincoln candor, and then gracefully bowed out when the heat continued to rise.

    As for the Malcom to Juancho’s Martin, I guess there’s more than one way to be a “trail advocate”, but yelling at fellow trail users before you’ve tried talking spreads the hate and crashes everybody’s buzz.