Pot Roast in May

“All I want from you is a pot roast.” said Pain Cave Tommy yesterday. In honor of his birthday, the man just wanted some red meat and a chance to get drunk on the Sopchoppy in the care of his good buddy Cupcake.

Fall-like temperatures continue in the area, confusing me in both body and soul. The pace of life and the seasons are supposed to correspond and reflect a steady wax and wane of mojo and focus. The steamy summer temps and the suffocating humidity left me dangling from the wagon- a boot heel caught in the gate latch. Now, I am riding like San Felasco is a month away.

Every day brings a new riding partner. Shins on Sunday. PC Tommy on Monday. A wheezy, sluggish Sasquatch on Tuesday (barely did he make it.) Cupcake Today. I did this last year too.

I used the same excuse with every rider. “Where were you yesterday when I was kicking _________’s ass huh?” Diabolical? Or just genius?


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