In 1985 I put on a burgundy polyester vest and learned to make coffee 5 gallons at a time at the Village Inn Pancake House. That was probably the first task I ever performed for money that was recorded by the I.R.S. The coffee was nothing special, but you got the whole pot delivered to your table and if you had the right server, it would be fresh and not just recycled from the party that sat there before you.

In college I worked at a deli as the opener, and the first thing I did when I got there was get the coffee rocking and rolling. It was a standard two pot drip coffeemaker, a Bunn, but nothing special. It did have a dedicated water line, which is a real benchmark in the industry.

-This post is now interrupted for a tour of San Felasco-


5 Responses to Coffee

  1. So true it’s worth saying twice. When you return to the topic, please share your views on French presses and the toddy system.

  2. The toddy system is unsurpassed for taste, versatility, and reducing the overall acidity of the coffee. The french oress, on the other hand, I do not understand. I think the grind has to be absolutely perfect to avoid a muddy cup. Not a fan.